The hunt for clues is on at the scene of a deadly helicopter crash in Coolbaugh Township, Monroe County.

The chopper went down Tuesday night just miles from the Mt. Pocono airport.

Now investigators are hoping to learn why.

Investigators say weather may be a factor. They tell us it was foggy, raining, and there was only 1/4 mile visibility.

Air safety investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board are still sifting through wreckage just off Interstate 380.

The first part of the investigation is to know the flight plan.

"Its route of flight went from Somerset, New Jersey, to Elmira, New York and it was going from Elmira, New York to Morristown, New Jersey with a return to Somerset," said Todd Gunther, air safety investigator with the National Transportation Safety Board.

Investigators don't believe the helicopter pilot tried to contact anyone at Pocono Mountain Municipal Airport.

"The airport here is what we call an uncontrolled field, there is no tower," added Gunther. "As far as we know right now the aircraft was not in communication with anybody."

The helicopter crashed a short distance from the airport.

Two people died in the crash and one was injured as the helicopter was bringing passengers back from a golf outing.

Investigators will remove the wreckage and take it to a secure lab in Delaware for further testing.

They are also hoping to find more clues as to why this fatal crash took place.

"There is no flight recorder, however it does have an advanced avionics system on it and that system may have captured what we call non-volatile memory," said Gunther.

There were also reports that a person was dropped off in Wilkes-Barre.

Investigators confirm to us a person was dropped off in Elmira and no other passenger was dropped off in Wilkes - Barre.