Folks in our area are stocking up on food and supplies, and PennDOT has salt and sand ready as we brace for the approaching snow storm. But one place people are excited about the white stuff is at ski resorts.

A chill in the air is always good news for a ski resort. Even better is a storm that could cover the slopes with fresh snow after a season with mild temps sliced into revenue.

"This is our first real snow storm in really two years," said Blue Mountain Ski Area Vice President Bruce Ebert.

At Blue Mountain Ski Area, employees and groomers are ready and waiting for whatever Mother Nature throws their way.

"We'll be cleaning the parking lots," Ebert said. "In a snow storm, that's the largest job we have."

The fresh snow will help build the base on the mountain. It could also potentially boost income by about 25% after lack of snow and warm weather hurt revenue last year.

"We could use the business," added Ebert. "We had a late start, so we're looking forward to it."

Because they can make their own snow, the slopes don't depend on natural snowfall. But when the white stuff comes down, people start thinking more about winter sports. If there's snow in their backyards it always increases business.

"You still need the natural snow to perk everybody's interest, make them feel like winter."

Ebert says Blue Mountain is happy about the storm, and with the snow falling Friday night into Saturday it will make the weekend perfect for skiing and riding.

"Conditions are great," smiled Ebert. "Come out and have a good time."

Blue Mountain will be open regular hours Friday, Saturday and Sunday.