One man in the Poconos has a gift for President Obama.  It's a motorhome that he calls a "going away gift," and he plans to deliver it personally to the White House.

The first thing Mickey Moynihan wants you to know -- and this is very important -- is that he's not a Republican.

"I'm a registered independent," he said.

But he's also the guy who drives around a motorhome called "S.O.S." -- "Send Obama Sailing."  Moynihan plans to deliver it to the White House just days before the election.

"It sleeps six," said Moynihan.  "[The President] can bring some of his friends from the Senate and the House with him, if he likes."

Before he leaves though, Moynihan is asking people to sign this "petition on wheels."  And it's not just here; he plans on collecting signatures across the state of Pennsylvania.

Friday morning, we caught up with him at a grocery store in East Stroudsburg.  The reception was generally positive there.

"That's a great idea!" said Kyle Nasatka of Bath.

Positive, until the store asked him to leave.

But Mickey motors on, headed to a nearby Walmart.

"Take two," said Moynihan.

Here, reviews are a bit more mixed, as we saw in one exchange.

Melissa Johnson, Bushkill: "What is this for, Obama?

Moynihan:  "Yup."

Johnson:  "To keep him?"

Moynihan:  "No, it's a going away present."

Johnson:  "Oh, Hell no!"

Some said this is all just a big publicity stunt.

"He wants to be on TV, just like me!", said Hermana Moise, with a laugh.

But Moynihan insisted he's trying to start a serious conversation about the national debt.

"I'm not looking for publicity," he said.  "It's the national debt … He's failed to control the money."

We'll see in a few weeks if this "gift" ends up  in the White House driveway.