State Police in Fern Ridge, Monroe County said a man got high on bath salts Friday, forced himself into a neighbor's home, then used a sword on their closet.

It happened at a home on Lakeside Drive in Chestnuthill Township.

Police said Bradford Cole, of Effort took bath salts, then began hallucinating that people were attacking and shooting at him, then ran to a neighbors house claiming that he was being shot at and chased.

Cole then forced his way through the home and barricaded himself inside a childrens playroom, destroying the contents of the room and using a samuri sword to stab through a closet door, police said.

Cole was uncooperative with police when they arrived at the scene had was shocked with a tazer before being taken into custody, according to police.

Police said they found bath salts located in both his pockets.

Cole was arrested and taken to Monroe County Correctional Facility.