A white mountain is the perfect picture for skiers.

"It's been nice, a little crowded," Molly Mccarron of Middletown New Jersey, said while visiting Camelback Mountain Ski Area.

A bombardment at the ticket booth is the perfect path for ski resorts. Add in long lift lines and chair after chair full of skiers and snow boarders and a winter gold rush is made.

"We love the snow. It's a winter wonderland and we love the new snow," Megan McHugh of Camelback explained.

Like other Pocono ski resorts, Camelback is covered in 8 inches of fresh snow. The Monroe County resort, which has been partially open for weeks, expects to have half of its 34 trails open if 3-4 more inches of snow falls Friday night.

About 30 miles south Carbon County's Blue Mountain Ski Area has only seven of its 39 trails running and didn't officially open until the day after Christmas.

"Ski resorts up North have 8 inches of snow and you got three. Do you say hey Mother Nature what are you doing to us," I asked Heidi Lutz of Blue Mountain.

"No because we have a lot of snowmaking capacity here," Lutz confidently said.

Those snowmaking guns will allow 11 trails to be glided on by the weekend.

That's just enough for first time skier Mallory Hudak.

"I will probably plant my face in snow, I'm nervous," she said.

But as opposed to last year at least there's snow to break the fall.

For ski resorts snow is white gold.

It's not just on the mountain but the landscape too.

"Really important to be snowy because then people are thinking winter," McHugh said.

"When you have out of sight it's out of mind and not thinking of skiing or snow boarding," Lutz added.

If there is snow skiers and snow-boarders will go, no matter the Mountain.