Both a dump truck driver and the truck's owner are facing charges after the truck rolled over in a Carbon County accident last month.

The accident involved the dump truck and an SUV on Mill Road in Mahoning Twp. on August 5.

Mahoning Twp. police said the driver of the truck -- 38-year-old Michael Barna of Freeland -- refused to submit to a blood test.

An investigation of the truck revealed a crack extending across the right axle hanger, but this crack was not a factor in the crash.

Police said the brakes had overheated, which caused them to fail.

As a result, Barna lost control of the truck, which overturned, hit the SUV and dumped its cargo, police said.

Two people in the truck were hurt.

Barna was charged with careless driving and accidents involving certain vehicles.

The truck's owner, Franzoza Trucking of Hazleton, has been charged with unlawful activities for the cracked axle hanger.