The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection says the drinking water supply is contaminated in one Luzerne County neighborhood.

The DEP is advising residents of about 40 homes in the Stockton neighborhood of Hazle Township to not use water from the Stockton Water System.

According to DEP, recent water samples revealed the presence of giardia, an organism that can cause flu-like disease involving persistent diarrhea, nausea, abdominal cramps, weight loss and sometimes dehydration.

The DEP is discouraging residents from using the water to drink, cook, bathe, wash and brush teeth.

According to DEP, the Stockton Water System is an unpermitted public water supply system that is providing unfiltered and untreated surface water to its customers. It does not meet the state’s Drinking Water Standards, the DEP says.

The DEP is advising residents to instead use bottled water, or water obtained from a DEP-permitted public water system, which Stockton’s water system is not.