ST. CLAIR, Pa. -

Some residents in a Schuylkill County borough got a little closer to wildlife than they would have liked Monday morning.

A 150-pound bear was apparently attracted to garbage set out for the trash collector in Saint Clair, about two miles north of Pottsville.

Police secured the scene until the Pennsylvania Game Commission arrived to find the bear up a tree.

Officers used a borough utility truck with a boom to get close enough to the bear, perched 25 to 30 feet up in the tree. They tranquilized the bear and lowered it safely to the ground.

Game commission officers were able to move the bear to a cage and transported him to a more suitable location.

According to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, bear sightings may be more common this year.

"Because of the rough winter, there's less vegetation, and they are looking for other sources," said Bob Considine, spokesperson for the New Jersey DEP.

Considine said the public should never feed a bear, and should follow steps to reduce the potential for bear encounters.

"You want to use certified bear resistant garbage containers if possible. If you don't have that try to get garbage containers with tight fitting lids and have them inside your garage. Wash your containers periodically with disinfectant.  Get your garbage out the day of collection," Considine said.

Considine warns the residents not to approach a bear. He suggests making loud noises inside your home to try and scare the bear away.

If you spot a bear in your neighborhood, contact your local game commission office or law enforcement agency.