Cook, whom Kessler described as a "Christianic Jew," raised more than $2,500 in donations for Kessler during his suspension through a Web site. The money was to cover Kessler's grocery bills, his mortgage and his legal fees.

Kessler critic Gene Stilp, of Marysville, Perry County, who was on hand in July when the chief was suspended, showed up Thursday to distribute materials calling for Kessler's ouster, including a handout that read, Do Not Vote For "off the Mark" Kessler.

As in July, Kessler supporters were infuriated by Stilp's actions, and a lively debate ensued.

Stilp said Kessler's videos used "intimidation to incite violence, and that's what I'm opposed to."

Kessler's supporters said Stilp was accusing a man he did not even know, and taunted him by saying he was in the pay of the United Nations and President Obama.