In another filing, Newell said the township’s case against him was “based on lies, forged documents and heresay.” Newell also claimed the township was allied with Butch Kresge, a neighbor who later became a township supervisor. In the filing, Newell claimed the township planned to take his property “so Kresge can have it.”

According to Newell, Kresge told him in 1990 when he bought the land that “they were not going to let me do anything on that land and the best thing I could do was sell it to him and move on down the road.”

Newell lost his property at a sheriff’s sale days before the shooting. The township bought the land for $1,806.

Ironically, Christine, referring to the 1981 case, said he cannot imagine how any lawyer representing Newell, 59, can come up with a defense strategy that doesn’t raise the mental competency issue.

Newell’s preliminary hearing is scheduled Sept. 13 at 10 a.m. in the Monroe County Courthouse. If the case goes to trial, the district attorney’s office has said it will seek the death penalty.