An 18-year-old man is in Luzerne County prison after admitting to making and selling methamphetamine.

Police took Richard Michael Seiwell and his accomplice, Joesph Michael Estock, 22, into custody after police received a complaint regarding two suspicious vehicles parked at the Dorrance Twp municipal building.

Troopers responded to the area and found Seiwell and Estok sitting in a parked Mitsubishi Lancer.

Police say they observed criminal behavior and searched the vehicle.

Police also report they discovered methamphetamine on Seiwell, so they arrested him.

PA State Police Clandestine Lab Response Team also responded to the scene.

According to police, marijuana and suspected methamphetamine were also discovered inside Estok's vehicle so Estock was also taken into custody.

While in custody, Estok and Seiwell stated that ingredients and equipment used to manufacture meth were inside the other car -- a black Toyota Matrix.

Police obtained a warrant and then searched the black car.

During the search of the Toyota Matrix, several items utilized to manufacture meth were discovered and seized.

Seiwell later stated that the items discovered in the black car belonged to him.

Seiwell explained he resorted to making and selling meth to pay for legal expenses from a separate case.

Charges were filed with District Court 11-3-06.

Seiwell was arraigned before Judge James Dixon and committed to Luzerne County Prison.