Noelle Carrington and her husband, Tom Yuppa, will have quite a story to tell their daughter when she's older.

The couple, from East Stroudsburg, Monroe Co., had to pull off the side of Route 33 in Lower Nazareth Twp., Northampton Co., on the way to the hospital Wednesday. Baby Ann Marie wasn't waiting to get to the hospital.

"Ironically, about a week before she was born, I had YouTubed what to do in the case, so I had towels in car," said Carrington. "It was all kind of surreal."

Yuppa had to follow directions from a 911 dispatcher over the phone.

"They pretty much walked me through it, but the problem was she came out, the cord was wrapped around her neck and she was not breathing," Yuppa said. "So, I had to pull her out, unwrap the cord."

"I was just very proud and grateful 'cause he can't even get shots at the doctor and doesn't like blood or anything, but he was just very reassuring," Carrington said of her husband.

A local baby decided she couldn't wait for her mom to get to the hospital.

An EMS crew arrived a short time later to help with the rest, and the couple is thankful for everyone who assisted.

Annie weighed in at 6 lb., 8 oz. and is healthy.

"We've been looking forward to her for a long time because we actually had a house fire in March and we lost everything," said Carrington.

This is the couple's third child and first girl, and they are thrilled.

"I like it, especially when I have two big boys to take care of the little one," Yuppa said.