Racing fan fever in the Poconos and beyond

Published: 6:58 PM EDT Jun 09, 2013   Updated: 6:33 AM EDT Jun 10, 2013

They come from all over.

"We came here from Canada," said Glenda Benson.

"Delaware County," shared John Lidstone.

"We're from Ohio," said Sandy Young.

But they're all here for one thing. The Sprint Cup series spotlight is shining on Pocono Raceway this weekend. Fans say there's just something about being at a NASCAR race that gets their engines going.

"What we really like is the rumbling of the cars," explained Young. "And the energy that you get when you go to the race instead of watching it on TV."

"The atmosphere, the fans, how excited everyone gets," added Benson.

"I like going and watching," said Shelby Young. "I think it's really cool, the wrecks are interesting to watch."

The Pocono track is known as the tricky triangle, and it's the only one in NASCAR with three turns. Drivers speed around 160 laps, for a total of 400 miles. Going into the race Jimmie Johnson had the pole.

Tony Stewart is burning rubber fresh off his first win of the season down in Dover last Sunday, and Danica Patrick made her first appearance on the speedway Sunday.

Everyone has their favorite for the finish.

"I'm going to root for Tony Stewart," shared Benson.

"I am a Casey Kane fan," Young said. "I came here because Casey has won it before in the past, hoping he can get a win this weekend."

"Kyle Bush, Kyle Bush all the way baby," cheered Sandra Forester.

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