The search will continue Tuesday morning for Carbon County rescue crews in Beltzville State Park. A boater went missing around 6 a.m. Monday.

Unfortunately it's looking more and more like a recovery effort.

The calm waters of Carbon County's Beltzville State Park covered the chaotic scene above it.

"There is a extensive dive operation going on in the lake for presumably a missing boater," said Mark Nalesnik of Carbon County Emergency Management

Dive and rescue crews combed the south east section of the lake after officials say around 6:00 am two on shore fisherman saw a derelict boat spinning out of control.

A lime green buoy marks the spot where the boat was seen.

"It's very difficult searching the lake especially for some reason today the water is very cloudy," Nalesnik said.

With visibility less than 10 feet divers were grounded. Instead sonar was used to try and pin point where the missing boater could be.

"Any time going under water always a danger. You have a lot of hidden obstructions, poor visibility," dive team head Eteve Ebbert said.

Around 12:30 a helicopter hovered and spotted something in the water. Crews scrambled but it turned out to be a wasted effort.

On land officials inspected the boater's craft in hopes of picking up clues., while searchers with rescue dogs walked the waters banks in hopes of picking up a scent. But in the end the weather turned everyone away, except one, still possible under the water.

Crews say the missing boater was not wearing a life vest..that was found in the boat. A name is not being given but the family has been notified.

Crews will be back out tomorrow to resume their search of the missing boater.