Road work will force crews to close the ramp from a Northeast Extension toll plaza Friday.

The ramp from the Mahoning Valley Toll Plaza, exit #74, to State Route 209 will be closed beginning at 5:00am on August 8th.

Crews will be placing a concrete for a bridge abutment wall.

The ramp is expected to be closed by 5:00pm.

Drivers will be directed for keep left for Route 209 northbound.  A flagger will also be on hand to direct traffic.

Next week 476 northbound will be dropped down to one-lane from 8:00pm-7:00am between mile marker 75.5 - 76.5.

The ramp from the Mahoning Valley Toll Plaza ramp to Route 209 northbound will close again, from 8:00pm - 7:00am, on August 13th.  There is a chance this construction will close the ramp past the 7:00am expected end time.

Also on the 13th, drivers can expect stoppages in both directions.

This plan could change depending on weather.