It's happened again so a Monroe County shelter says. Dogs  found dead inside trash bags.

The first case was reported Sunday. Now, a shelter says,  there are three more.

"I've had people bring dogs here because they feared while working they would be taken form the home and they want to avoid that." AWSOM Animal Shelter head Marie Grimm said.

She also said the frightened dog Destiny is the latest example of pet abuse she says runs rampant in Monroe County.

Mountain biker Dan Whitehead discovered Destiny Sunday morning , curled up on a trash bag near these woods in Stroud Township.

"Was probably on its last legs. I hate to say it, but was on its last legs," he told us.

Destiny was lucky and is on the road to recovery. A different story inside that trash bag.

A dead dog was found.  Grimm says three more dead dogs have been found in similar garbage bags in Monroe County within the past few days.

"One with a shot between the eyes," she said.

Grimm thinks the cases are connected.

"Seems like a logical deduction  when you have a dog wrapped in bag here," she went on to say.

The SPCA is investigating.  But Humane Society Officer Elizabeth Anderson says only Sunday's case has been confirmed.

She does warn pet owners to take precautions.

"Make sure fencing is secure, tether is secure and there is no way anyone could get in and do anything to your dog," Anderson told us.

Advice dog owner Antoinette Demaria lives by.

"Watch them be careful, like you would your own kids," while petting her two pooches.

The Humane Society urges anyone with information on this case or any other examples of pet abuse to contact them. They do have an anonymous tip line.

The shelter is offering a 500 dollar reward for info leading to an arrest.