A Wisconsin woman, accused of shooting her daughter-in-law in Monroe County, has committed suicide, police said.

On February 21, police said 50-year-old Bernadette O'Reilly opened her door in Chestnuthill Twp. to what she thought was a delivery person. Instead, an older woman dressed in a blue outfit handed her a delivery envelope and shot her with a handgun.

Investigators later learned that O'Reilly and her husband, Vincent Yeugelowitz had been fighting, and that the O'Reilly's mother-in-law, Carol Yeugelowitz of Kenosha, Wisc., had been in the area at the time of the shooting.

On Tuesday, 66-year-old Carol Yeugelowitz was scheduled to testify before a grand jury in Monroe County, but failed to show up. Investigators filed attempted homicide charges against her and obtained an arrest warrant.

As investigators tried to reach her, police said Kenosha officials were already at her house, and they determined she had killed herself.