A teenage boy was taken to the hospital Wednesday after he suffered burns in a house fire in Carbon County.

The fire was reported around 10:15 a.m. at 887 Railroad Dr. in Packer Township.

The 14-year-old boy was taken to Hazleton General Hospital for treatment.

A fire marshal from state police is investigating, but so far, the cause of the fire has not been found.

"I was out in my tree stand hunting and I seen the smoke and I could tell that it was more than just a brush fire," said neighbor Bob Zellner.

Michael Bowman with McAdoo Fire Co., Inc. is one of the firefighters who responded.

"It was just heavy smoke when we arrived there. It looked like fire inside the first floor but most of it was just pushing smoke out of all the eves of the roof," he said. "It looks like it stared in that area of the first floor."

Bowman said firefighters had their work cut out for them because of the house's solid construction.

"There was heavy fire damage on the first floor that went up to the second. It was a log cabin home, a very well constructed house that held the heat and fire real well and we were there for a couple hours trying to get it to control and totally extinguish it," he said. "It probably took my roof crew 15 to 20 minutes just to make a ventilation hole because they have about six inches of wood then they have insulation that's about 14 inches thick."

Neighbors have kinds words to say about the affected family.

Zellner said, "They're great people. They have kids and they have a lot of chickens, they have a flower shop, they're great people."