A 15-year-old Tobyhanna juvenile was arrested Friday for calling in three false reports to the Pocono Mountain Regional Police Department (PMRPD).

PMRPD had been dispatched on three calls, two that reported multiple shots fired, numerous injuries and possible hostages, and another call that reported a drug overdose at a home in Tobyhanna. All of these calls were investigated and deemed false leads.

The last call regarding the drug overdose lead to the juvenile's arrest at his Greenbriar Circle home at 12:10 p.m. on Friday, December 20.

He was then transported to a juvenile detention center.

The investigation is still ongoing for the first two incidents about mass shootings.

The charges filed against the juvenile include unlawful use of a computer, possessing instruments of crime, false alarms and false reports to law enforcement.

PMRPD will not release information about how specifically these crimes were committed in order to avoid copycat crimes.

According to PMRPD, crimes of this nature, called "swatting," have been reported across the country and may disrupt civil order and public peace as they waste emergency personnel and equipment uses.