Witnesses: Woman stabbed man to death in his home

Published: 6:00 PM EST Dec 02, 2013   Updated: 8:03 PM EST Dec 02, 2013

A Mahanoy City, Schuylkill County man is dead after being stabbed in his own home.

Police say they are investigating but neighbors say they know what happened.

Police aren't saying if they have someone in custody or if charges will be filed but neighbors say they were awakened by someone who lives in the victim's home who allegedly claimed she stabbed the man in the chest.

Crime tape litters the street in front of the Mahanoy City, Schuylkill County home where Larry Quinn, 52. used to live.

According to his neighbors, around 4:30 Sunday morning they were awaken by someone banging on their doors.

Lisa Raisner says it was a woman who lives in Quinn's home.

"Knocked on the door and she said to Terry, 'Can you call the cops? Dial 911. I just killed Larry. I stabbed him in the chest'," said Neighbor Lisa Raisner.

Raisner says the the woman left blood all over her front door.

She says the woman didn't say what led up to the stabbing but that Quinn and the woman had fought before.

Residents say news of Quinn's death spread quickly through Mahanoy City
"I am not all that surprised. This town is really nuts," said Mahanoy resident James Meyers.

This is probably the first exact murder that I have actually heard about that was close by," said Mahanoy resident Michael Gulak.

Raisner says she was close friends with Quinn often watching football and racing on the weekend.

She says he loved his job making perogies at Mrs. T's.

She says Quinn will be missed.
"Larry sweet heart guy would give you the shirt right off his back he is such a sweet guy he helps out the elderlies around here shovels their sidewalks stuff like that," said Raisner.