a dozen people have been displaced by a fire in monroe county. >>>jaciel cordoba: the flames broke out this morning..at the blakeslee diner on route 115 in tobyhanna township... that's where we find wfmz's rosa duarte with the latest.rosa? 3 >>>rosa duarte:firefighters got the call for a working fire just before 8 o'clock this morning...when they got here the entire back end of the diner was ablaze and it quickly spread to the 2nd and 3rd floors. >>>reporter: approximately 12 people are now without a home following a fire here at the blakeslee diner in tobyhanna township. fire chief troy counterman says the flames quickly spread to the upstairs apartments. >>>chief counterman: "i guess you can say efficiency apartments, up there...one room apartments.">>>reporter: luckily no one was hurt but even with the help of nine different fire companies, chief counterman says the damage was extensive. as to whether the damages are repairable...>>>chief counterman: "it's going to be upto the insurance company, the building got a lot smoke and water damage, the rear of the structure has a lot of fire damage so we'll let the insurance company figure that out." 3 the state police fire marshall is currently determine what caused the fire. fire started outside.live in blakeslee, rosa duarte 69 news.