Looking close enough, some trees are showcasing the colorful fall foliage but those colors might not be around too long this year.

Thursday marked the first official day of autumn and while warm temperatures may linger, summer's dryness may impact scenic pictures of the foliage.

According to Troy Withers with Pennsylvania's Bureau of Forestry Fire, a dry season can affect how quickly the leaves change and the intense colors. Wither said the dry season results in the trees going into "hibernation" mode which results in less intense colors and a short time those colors are visible before the leaves fall off the tree completely.

Carl Wilgus, the president of the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau, said millions of people visit the area every year.

"With an area that has 127 varities of trees, bushes and plants that change color, we do have a rich pallat of colors that come alive during the fall," said Wilgus.

The bureau set up a fall foliage forecast calendar online allowing users to click around and see what areas have the most color and it's likely peak time.

However, Wilgus expects the fall foliage to be just fine this year.

The foliage peak for the area is expected in mid-October.

More information is available online.