Family, police still search for answers on 6th anniversary of Lee VanLuvender's death

Published: 6:02 PM EST Dec 03, 2013   Updated: 7:38 PM EST Dec 03, 2013

A Monroe County mother says it's her life's mission to find out who killed her son.

Lee VanLuvender went hunting in 2007 and never came home.

Investigators are still searching for a key piece of information that will crack the case.

Six years ago VanLuvender told his family he was going hunting off of Hypsie Gap Road in Tunkhannock Township, Monroe County.

Hours later police were called to the area where they say they found his body next to his car with multiple gunshot wounds.

"We're not in a neighborhood there are not a thousand witnesses," said detective Richard Luthcke, from the Monroe county district attorney's office. "You have to rely on the scene to give you most of your information."

Investigators sent several items to the state lab for testing, but so far those clues have not led to an arrest.

"This is my new norm," said VanLuvender's mother, Charlene Sebring. "Finding and trying to find his killer. This is my new life. Basically, this is my job as his mother.”

Sebring visits the scene of the crime once a month.

"He said he found peace here," she said with tears in her eyes. "He always told me that. We walked these woods many days me and him.”

She is still waiting and hoping for closure.

"It would be a closure in his case, but also justice for him," added Sebring. "I have to give him justice.”

Six years into the investigation, family members and investigators will come back to the scene of the crime.

The hope is that they find a hunter that may be able to provide a vital piece of information to solve the case.

"Bring it forward, give me peace again,” said Sebring.

"We would like anyone that was hunting that day, December 4, 2007, in this area, if they would come forward even if they don't think that they saw anything or know anything,” added Luthcke.

If you have information regarding the case you can call the Mount Pocono regional police department at (570) 895-2400 or the Monroe County District Attorney's office at (570) 517-3052.