Police are investigating after a woman said she was forced to drive a man around at gunpoint, before he threatened her and then disappeared into the woods.

Police say it happened at the Exxon Gas Station in Bartonsville, Monroe County,
around noon on September 16.

Police say the woman was going into the store, when she went back to her car to get something.

While she was in her car, a man was waiting for her and grabbed her arm from the rear passenger seat. He displayed a handgun and told her to drive away and made her travel to several different areas, according to police.

Police say, the man finally had her drive to an area near Laurel Lake and park the car. He told her to get out and threatened to kill her if she moved. He then took her cell phone. He also went back to the car and took her keys and some cash, then ran off into a wooded area. The woman waited in the car for a awhile and when he did not return she ran to a nearby house, according to police.

Police searched for the man, but did not find him.

Police say this was not a random act and that the victim was targeted.