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Another arrested in Hamilton Township drive-by shooting

Another arrested in Hamilton Township drive-by shooting

HAMILTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. - Old Timber Road in Hamilton Township, Monroe County was a crime scene Tuesday. Just after midnight gunfire ripped through the community.

"I saw and heard five shots fired," explained neighbor Elsie Lutjens.

Thirty-nine-year-old Darcey Kravchenko was dead. State Police quickly got to work combing for evidence and hunting down suspects.

Late Tuesday, three people were behind bars: 22-year-old Bruce Murray Jr, 20-year-old Jacqueline Harrigan and 16-year-old Dygunn Mitchell, who is being charged as an adult.

Arrest paperwork outlines how an innocent man was killed and the deadly attack went down.

According to the documents, after their friends were "robbed" Monday during a drug deal, Murray and Harrigan rounded up two gang members and went to confront the two crooks.

Investigators say the group drove past the mobile home because they thought Kravchenko's son may have been one of the people who ripped them off. The two gang members started shooting, Mitchell admitted to police he fired multiple shots.

The paperwork shows no one knew Kravchenko had been hit until police were on scene. The husband and father was discovered lying in a "large pool of blood."

"He was sleeping in the back bedroom. He then heard the shots, stood up out of the bed. Apparently at that point he was shot in the head by one of the stray bullets," described Monroe County Coroner Bob Allen. "He laid there for a period of time till they discovered him."

Murray, Harrigan and Mitchell all face four charges including criminal homicide and conspiracy to commit homicide. Other arrests are possible.

The trio is being held without bail. They're due back in court on January 27th.

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