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Attorneys work to find a solution to Kessler controversy

Attorneys work to find a solution to Kessler controversy

GILBERTON, Pa. - It seems the saga surrounding a controversial suspended police chief from Schuylkill County is close to seeing a resolution.

Gilberton Mayor Mary Lou Hannon spoke with 69 News after a borough council meeting Thursday night and gave an update on where things stand with suspended police chief Mark Kessler.

"Council made a motion that they give permission to our attorneys to negotiate for us. Council has been in negotiations for quite some time now with Attorney Nahas and Chief Mark Kessler and they're going to finish negotiations."

"An agreement has been reached. There's just a few points right now that the attorneys are working over," she said.

Kessler gained national attention thanks to his profanity-laced YouTube videos showing him firing guns. He was suspended for using borough property for non-borough purposes without permission.

Termination hearings started in the fall and there was supposed to be a hearing Friday about whether the borough can outright fire Kessler, but it was cancelled.

Hannon wouldn't comment on what kind of settlement they're working toward.

"I can't say any of that because that would give away everything right now and I don't want to put the cart before the horse," she said. "I don't want to get into that until the agreement is signed."

She did say she is looking forward to an ending to the ongoing situation.

"Any time you're in negotiations and you're spending taxpayers' money on attorneys fees and all, you want to resolve it as quickly and as cheaply as possible for the taxpayers," said Hannon.

"What comes next? I don't know. 2014, it's a whole new year so hopefully we'll have a great year," she added.

Kessler's attorney Joseph Nahas confirmed to 69 News both sides are very close to settling the matter.

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