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Badly-injured dog abandoned at shelter

Badly-injured dog abandoned at shelter

STROUDSBURG, Pa. - The Animal Welfare Society of Monroe County is now helping a dog that showed up at its shelter after hours on Monday.

A staff member was heading into the shelter Monday morning, when the staff member caught a glimpse of a dog that wasn't at the shelter the previous night.

A male Maltese had been left overnight in one of the shelter's outdoor kennels.

The dog was left without any food, water, or blankets to keep it warm.

"They just left him like a piece of garbage," said David Carbone, with A.W.S.O.M.

It also showed signs of serious neglect.

"Severe matting on the right front leg was causing the effect of tourniquet…cutting off the blood supply….The tissue underneath started dying off from the constriction. There was exposed tendon, muscle, and bone," said Dr. Christine Bongiorno, a veterinarian at Pocono Peak Veterinary Center in Stroudsburg.

Bongiorno said the dog's condition indicated months of neglect.

But it only took a moment for Jacob to get the help, care, and love he desperately needed.

The shelter promptly took him the Pocono Peak Veterinary Center.

Help came just in time; even just a week longer may have been too late, Bongiorno said.

But it won't be an easy journey for Jacob.

He's scheduled for surgery Wednesday.

The dog's front right leg will be amputated and some of his teeth will be removed.

But Bongiorno said Jacob will be just fine.

"Dogs and cats do great with three legs," Bongiorno said.

Once he's medically cleared, Jacob will be placed in a loving, permanent home.

There's already a waiting list for Jacob, but there are countless other animals who still need help.

"There are a lot of dogs and cats you don't see on TV that need homes too," Bongiorno said.

Anyone with information on Jacob's abandonment should contact the shelter at (570) 421-0931.

To donate, visit the shelter's website.

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