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Bakery denies cake to gay couple

Bakery denies cake to gay couple

SCHUYLKILL HAVEN, Pa. - A popular bakery is Schuylkill County is getting attention after refusing to serve a gay couple.

Bethany and Jennifer Petrich now have to make a change of plans for a ceremony to renew their vows, WBRE reported. The women wanted to get a cake from The Cake Pros, a bakery in Schuylkill Haven.

"I loved the work they did and it tasted great. It's a hometown bakery. I wanted to support my hometown," said Jennifer Petrich. "My mom, who is planning our wedding, called and made the appointment for us. It was okay at that time and she was open and honest and said it's for Bethany and Jennifer."

But the women say things took a not-so-sweet turn when Jennifer's mom received a phone call.

"They had called and said to her that they were a Christian bakery and the owner had talked to Jesus for two weeks and that because it was two females getting married she couldn't make our cake," said Jennifer.

Bethany added, "Just very disappointed."

Lorraine Fleming, the bakery's owner, said "I'm not sorry for my decision and I feel strong. I know that I'm doing the right thing."

Fleming said there is homosexuality in her own family, but the decision, while not easy to make, is based on her religious beliefs.

"I'm sorry for the damage that's been done as far as hurt feelings."

Fleming said her employees have been harassed and the bakery even had to take down its Facebook page because of strong comments from both sides.

Jennifer said, "We asked her to make us a wedding cake and not marry us. I didn't understand."

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