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Borough meeting on Kessler status postponed

Borough meeting on Kessler status postponed

The future of an acid-tongued police chief in Schuylkill County remains up in the air Friday night. Gilberton Police Chief Mark Kessler was going to be the subject of a special borough council meeting at 7PM, but that plan changed. Kessler's attorney says the disciplinary hearing needed to be pushed back because of a scheduling conflict, so now it's postponed until next week.

It's clearly written on Gilberton Police Chief Mark Kessler's Facebook page that he expects to be fired for posting profanity-laced gun rights videos while spraying machine-gun fire with borough owned weapons. Kessler's videos have hundreds of thousands of views online. Right now he's serving a 30-day un-paid suspension for what the Gilberton Borough Council said was unauthorized use of its weapons. Friday was supposed to be Kessler's final day of suspension, but it has been extended.

During his month off, Kessler hasn't kept a low profile. Just this week he released another video. In this foul-mouthed video, Kessler holds up two targets he says are named Eric and Danny. Those names also happen to be the first names of Council President Daniel Malloy and Vice President Eric Boxer. In the 10-and-a-half minute video Kessler repeatedly fires at the target with an assault rifle.

On Kessler's Facebook page he says the Gilberton Borough Council held a secret termination meeting Wednesday night. And according to his posts, it appears the top cop isn't worried about losing his job. At midnight he wrote "If he pays the ultimate price so be it! At least he stood for freedom, for country and we the people!"

Kessler's attorney says the disciplinary hearing will most likely be held next week. Despite gathering 23,000 signatures calling for Kessler's termination, Liberal advocacy group Keystone Progress says it won't be there because of the threatening atmosphere created by Kessler and his supporters.

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