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Budget axe about to fall at East Stroudsburg University

$6.9 million deficit has teaching jobs, programs on the line

Budget protest at East Stroudsburg University

The budget axe is about to fall at East Stroudsburg University.

To make up a $6.9 million budget deficit, teaching jobs are on the line and so are university programs.

But one group is hoping to save the day or at least save some jobs.

On Tuesday, hundreds of students rallied to ask the administration to find other ways of plugging the budget deficit.

'Stand up students; don't let them wreck our univsersity," said Nancy Vanarsdale, president of the local chapter of the Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties.

In order to bridge the gap, the university is proposing to cut up to 30 tenure, or tenure track teaching positions, and eliminate programs like music, physics, as well as counseling and psychological services.

Kenneth Mash, a professor, said, "I believe that the governor of this Commonwealth and the legislature ought to commit more to public higher education, to your future, to the future of this Commonwealth."

In a statement, university officials say that they are deeply invested in the school and "it is our hope that we can continue to work together to find solutions to our financial challenges."

Professor Andrea McClanahan, said, "You were sorely under estimated when the president of this university said that only five percent of students would recognize what was going on here."

These people say not only do they recognize what is going on, they hope to do something about it.

Student Michael Lloret said, "Now knowledge and college put together it sounds funny. Because here at ESU when we talk about college all we do is talk about money."

On Tuesday, the university offered eight people the opportunity to transfer to a different department.

Officials say additional budget modifications are expected by Oct. 30.

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