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Debate over Stroudsburg superintendent ends in unanimous vote

Dr. Toleno will keep his job through June 2015

Stroudsburg under fire

STROUDSBURG, Pa. - After weeks of debate and fury, the Stroudsburg Area School District superintendent will keep his job.

It was the decision made in a unanimous vote at Wednesday night's school board meeting.

For weeks, the Stroudsburg community had stood by Dr. Toleno.

"He cares about my children and everyone else's children and to get rid of him, that's atrocious," said one community member at Wednesday night's meeting.

"I'm very humbled by the support the community has set forth on my behalf," Toleno said.

After weeks of debate, the school board unanimously approved a one-year contract Wednesday night.

Dr. Toleno will remain superintendent through June 2015.

"I am pleased I have an opportunity to continue my employment here. I truly love coming to this district everyday," Toleno said.

"I believe the board, after examining all of its options and weighing the situation, as well as its desire to continue working with Dr. Toleno, decided this was the best way," said Jeffrey Sultanik, newly hired solicitor for the district.

The legitimacy of Toleno's contract came under fire after a solicitor found his 2007 contract and an extension signed in 2011 illegal.

That extension was set to end in 2015, but recently the board had talked about letting Toleno go before it expired.

Toleno had threatened to sue.

The superintendent said that's all water under the bridge now.

"I don't want to look back, I just want to move forward, Toleno said.

Also at Wednesday night's meeting, the board hired Jeffrey Sultanik as the new solicitor for the school district in a six to three vote.

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