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Dick Yuengling is Pa.'s newest billionaire, Forbes says

Dick Yuengling new billionaire

POTTSVILLE, Pa. - Add Dick Yuengling to the list of billionaires in Pennsylvania. Forbes reports Yuengling is worth $1.3 billion!

Yuengling is the fifth-generation owner of America's oldest operating brewery in Pottsville, Schuylkill Co.

Yuengling is the sole owner of the brewery that bears his family's name and has vowed never to sell it.

The 69-year-old father of four has been the sole owner since he bought out his father in 1985. The brewery was started in 1829 by Yuengling's great-great- grandfather.

The brewery sells more than 2.5 million barrels of beer a year, pulling in hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.

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