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East Stroudsburg classmates' reactions vary on student's arrest over 'Columbine' rap song

Controversial song

EAST STROUDSBURG, Pa. - A Poconos high school student's rap lyrics have landed him in some serious trouble.

Police in Pike County said the teen threatened his principal and some of his teachers in a song called "Columbine."

Zyiar Clark, 18, is now facing multiple felony charges for a song he allegedly wrote about staff members at East Stroudsburg High School North.

Police said Clark uploaded his song online. Police were contacted after a teacher at the high school heard students talking about the song.

Lyrics include lines like "I'm just killin' for the fun" and "You can call this (expletive) a homicide. There's bodies in the trash."

The rapper also names specific individuals followed by lyrics including "You remind me of a teddy bear, spraying love everywhere. Good morning students, now there's body parts everywhere."

The lyrics also reference specific weaponry with lyrics such as "I gotta AK and it's comin' for ya."

Students at the East Stroudsburg High School North have mixed feelings about the lyrics.

Some said it's no different than what they hear on the radio.

"They took the song out of proportion. It was just a song. There's millions of rap songs about different kinds of stuff. And I don't see people getting arrested for what they say in those songs," said Trent Moya, a student.

"Other stuff are worse and no one gets locked up for that," said Veronica Bowen, a student.

Some students said the lyrics were too offensive and crossed the line.

"It's more than just a song. It's threats to teachers, administrators, what not. Kind of scary to think about," said Shannon Donahue, a student.

"It's really offensive to the schools. I don't know why everyone would be listening to it," said Emily Lima, a student.

Terrence Cook said he has children in the district, and while he's a rap music fan, he feels the lyrics were inappropriate in a school-setting.

"It's okay if he was a rapper, but he's in school and he's making songs about teachers and personnel. I feel like it's a safety issue, you know?...Rap about something else, rap about passing your grades. Stuff like that," Cook said.

Police have charged Clark with aggravated assault and terroristic threats.

Clark is currently out on bail but scheduled to appear for his preliminary hearing on Tuesday.

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