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Former controversial police chief discusses new TV show

Former Gilberton Police Chief Mark Kessler accepts settlement from borough, moves on to new career

Ousted police chief discusses new TV show

GILBERTON, Pa. - Mum is no longer the word for the outspoken former police chief of Gilberton Borough in Schuylkill County.

On Monday, Mark Kessler provided some details about the reality TV deal that's moving him from one career to another.

"My intention wasn't to get national attention by no means," Kessler said in front of a dozen news cameras.

During the news conference, Kessler spoke about his controversial online videos and his reality TV development deal.

He said he's in a production deal with a company from Hollywood, California. The show will center around his two volunteer militia groups.

"We might travel around. I have a big chapter in Georgia and upcoming ones in Texas and Kentucky," Kessler said.

The controversy surrounding Kessler centered on his YouTube profanity-laced rants, which he contends were to raise awareness about free speech and the right to bear arms.

To avoid being possibly terminated, he recently reached a deal with the borough to retire.

He walked away with a $30,000 settlement.

Kessler and his attorney said the videos helped land him the reality deal.

"If he would have been there shooting a super soaker and not using language we wouldn't be having this press conference, not gotten the support to continue," Kessler's attorney Joe Nahas said. "It had to be done with those words used."

The former chief also said he's better off today than he was a year ago, when he didn't have a police pension or retirement.

"Now I pretty much do what I love to do and possibly get paid to do it," Kessler said.

Details of the reality TV deal are few, but Kessler said he's yet to be paid. He said he will keep his post on the local school board.

When asked if he learned from this experience, Kessler said, "Yes and no. I learned to pick my friends and pick them wisely."

Now this so-called "protector of free speech" can pick exactly how he wants to be portrayed in TV reality.

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