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Gandolfini known well in Monroe Co. restaurant

Gandolfini known well in Monroe Co. restaurant

On television he made the mob mainstream, but when the late actor James Gandolfini wanted to grab a bite, he made a Pocono's restaurant his routine.

That would be Galeano's pizza and pasta in Tannersville, Monroe County.

Two years ago while renting a winter house nearby the late actor James Gandolfini became a regular.

"Were you like 'I have Tony Soprano here!'?" I asked Teresa Galeano.

"Of course but after we met him it wasn't Tony Soprano but Jim Gandolfini. He was down to earth a nice guy," Teresa said.

But on his hit HBO show the Soprano's Gandolfini was anything but. He played the ruthless New Jersey Crime boss Tony Soprano. The exact opposite, Teresa and her Husband Dan, said of the real Gandolfini.

"While eating dinner people came and asked for an autograph, gave it to them, took pictures, making conversation with everyone," she recollected.

What did the couple make for the TV legend? More often than not it was chicken and meatball parm.

"He could eat with no trouble whatsoever. What his wife didn't eat, he ate," Dan, who makes all the food said.

Sadly earlier this week the 51-year-old actor died of a heart attack while in Italy.

"I was shocked. We became good friends. He was nice man, I miss him terribly," Dan told us.

Gandolfini's death strikes to the heart of this Pocono couple. Dan suffered a heart attack just two years ago.

"Yes it worries me. We eat the same food, he eats the same food but a lot less of it," Teresa said.

The restaurant may now be one customer short but at least here there will always be a place for a certain crime boss played by a real life nice guy.

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