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High Tech MoGo cards Soon to hit the streets in Monroe County

SWIFTWATER, Pa. - Pocono Pony passengers will be going "high tech" in the way they pay for their transit passes.

Starting from Tuesday, July 1, passengers will be able to purchase The MoGo Transit Card which will cost a $1.00 plus the cost of the desired pass.

The pass service works through the MoGo Transit Card, which is equipped with a digital, wireless receiver that stores pass and cash value.

When the MoGo Transit Card is held close to the farebox, it registers the pass or cash value and deducts it from the card.

The cards will be available for cash purchase on the bus and once the initial value is expended, the card can be reloaded by paying cash on the bus or with cash or credit card at the MCTA office.

Although the Monroe County Transit Authority has recommended a new set of fares beginning July 1, passengers could save money with the new "Best fare" feature built into the card system.

There are daily, weekly, monthly, semester and yearly unlimited ride pass options and there are discounts available for enrolled students and eligible persons with disabilities.

But for customers who do not wish to purchase a pass, they may add cash value to the MoGo Transit Card.

According to Peggy Howarth, executive director, this is a great feature for cash paying customers because "If they don't have exact fare, the change will be stored on the card for their future use," as MCTA does not issue change when presented with a cash payment greater than the fare.

The "Best Fare" feature will evaluate the amount of money on the card and select the most passenger-friendly fare based on the number of trips they took in a day, Howarth said.

Tickets sold prior to to July 1 2014 will continue to be honored on all MCTA fixed route buses but after July 1, only the MoGo transit card will be available for purchases for discounted transit fare.

A public comment period on the new fares is now available online, by email and other means.

More information can also be found online.

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