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Lake Harmony has the blues

Lake Harmony has the blues

Lake Harmony is a 120 acre spring fed summer paradise for many in this Kidder Township, Carbon County community.
But the lake is drying up from within. Jack Peters says the lake has lost 33% of its depth in the past 10 years.

"When first measure this the depth in the deepest part was 31 feet, now it's at 18 feet," Peters said.

Peters, The President of the Lake Harmony Homeowners Association, says the lake is basically eating itself to death with a smorgasbord of sediment, caused by boat wakes, new development and storm water runoff.

Peters, who's also part of the lake's Watershed Preservation Group, says if something isn't done, it could become a marsh by 2038.

So he's using education to help beat back the sediment. Any area homeowner who helps out by using terraced gardening or putting in rain gardens to curb runoffs are awarded a conservation plaque.

Peters would like the township to use funds made by selling off its wastewater treatment system a few years ago to help heal the lake. Township supervisors told us they would only comment during the next public meeting.

A monthly meeting Peters and his supporters plan to attend again.

"We want them to know citizens value the lake and it's important to them, not just as individuals but the whole community," Peters.

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