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Lifesize gingerbread house a sight to see in the Poconos

Lifesize gingerbread house a sight to see in the Poconos

If you're ready to get into the holiday spirit, you have a chance to visit a life-size gingerbread house.

It's open to resort guests and the public , children and adults, at the Skytop Lodge in the Monroe County. The confectionery creation, which is built around a meeting room in the lodge, is twelve feet tall by 17 feet wide. It looks good enough to eat and it is.

"My favorite thing is watching the look on people's face when they see it and smell it," said Skytop Lodge Vice President and General Manager Douglas Hustad. "They'll walk by and I'll see them sniffing a little bit and smelling that ginger and then you'll see guests, usually kids, picking off a little bit of candy sometimes off the wall."

There are about 1,300 pounds of gingerbread, 300 pounds of candy and 250 pounds of icing.

Pastry chef Christa Kuhar said, "Back in August we started mixing all of the dough and from there we would freeze it and stock up and about three weeks ago we started rolling it out and baking it."

You can even make reservations to dine inside the delicious dwelling.

"It smells like fresh gingerbread coming right out of the oven," Kuhar described.

"Just seeing the look and the joy in the children's eyes when they look up at it and see all the candy," said Kuhar. "They can never imagine actually be able to walk into something like this. It's something that you only see in your dreams."

The gingerbread house is open through December. Find more information about that and other holiday activities at Skytop Lodge on its website.

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