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Monroe County man's murder conviction upheld

STROUDSBURG, Pa. - A panel of the Pennsylvania Superior Court upheld the murder conviction and denied the appeal of a Monroe County man on Monday.

John Tedesco and his wife Tina were convicted in the death of 70-year-old Barbara Rabins back in 2015. 

The Tedescos were found guilty of third degree murder, neglect of a care dependent person, criminal conspiracy and tampering with evidence.

During the trial, Tedesco told jurors he and his wife knew that Rabins needed more care but she refused it. The prosecution however says the couple isolated Rabins from outside help so they could access her trust fund.

John said Rabins was like a mother to them and he felt the feeling was mutual with Rabins until she suffered a stroke in 2010. From that point on the relationship changed.

John testified Rabins, who already had mental health issues, became belligerent and would no longer allow him and his wife to properly care for her. Tedesco said Rabins refused to go into a nursing home long term and he admitted he and his wife were in over their heads.

John said in August of 2011, he came home from work and found Rabins dead in her wheelchair inside their Ross Township home.

The coroner said Rabins was emaciated, dehydrated and choked on a piece of cheese.

Medical experts testified Rabins was covered in bed sores some to the bone. Prosecutors showed jurors pictures of the elderly woman's body, her fingernails caked in feces and digging into her hands.

Prosecutors told jurors the Tedescos isolated her in an apartment, kept her from getting the medical treatment she needed and spent money from her trust fund.

But John said the money from Rabins' trust was used for rent and other expenses.


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