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Officials: Garry Flyte said voices told him to kill neighbors and their dog

Garry Flyte prelim

ELDRED TWP., Pa. - A Monroe County man accused of killing two of his neighbors and their dog is headed to trial.

Police say Garry Flyte claims voices told him to do it.

Family members of 54 year old Garry Flyte say they believe a history of meth use played a role in the shooting death of Flyte's neighbors.

On March 19, Flyte allegedly walked into his neighbors' Eldred Township home and opened fire.

Steven Powell, 30, his stepfather Jeffrey Place, and the family dog were killed.

During Flyte's preliminary hearing Monday, state police testified Flyte claimed voices made him do it and that he also wanted to kill Steven's mother Wendy.

Investigators say at the time Flyte did not appear to be on drugs, but claimed he had been up for 80 hours drinking a lot of coffee.

Flyte's family says Flyte has a history of drug use, paranoia and erratic behavior.

"He was showing, calling 911, saying that people were trying to get in something or whatever and hurt him or somebody a few times. He was also talking to himself with earplugs in his ears, earplugs hoping that the voices would go away," said Flyte's son, Ray Flyte.

Ray Flyte says in the days leading up to the shooting, police were called after his father was seen walking down the street with a shotgun.

Ray Flyte says no legal action was taken because the shotgun was unloaded, but looking back, he wishes something would have been done to stop his father.

"Somebody acting in that state of mind should make you think that they are not normal. You think something is wrong and get them help," said Ray Flyte.

Ray Flyte says his father does not remember the shooting.

But he will hear all of the details surrounding the incident as he moves forward to trial.

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