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Officials in Poconos search for person who fired more than 50 shotgun pellets into dog

Dog shot in Poconos

A dog hit with more than 50 shotgun pellets is now recovering at home, but he has a long road ahead. Meantime, police are still looking for whoever is responsible.

According to Pennsylvania State Police, "King," an approximately 14 month-old pitbull puppy, broke loose from his yard in the Poconos this week. Police said someone shot King with what appears to be birdshot at close range.

"He was a bloody mess," said owner Kyle Wolf. "He was in a lot of pain. He really wasn't moving much."

All the pellets on King's X-rays look almost like Christmas lights.

"My heart -- it was literally broken," said Wolf's girlfriend, Lexi Lamont. "I looked at my poor baby on the table and it was really hard seeing him like that. I can't imagine why anyone would do that to a dog. He's not nasty at all."

King came home Friday night, but for now, he's blind in both eyes. His owners hope surgery can restore sight to at least one eye.

King uses smell and sound to get around, but he is still bumping into lots of things.

"He's really lucky to be alive," said Wolf.

Before you think this story is all gloom and doom though, King's owners want you to think again. They are very thankful for all the donations from people they don't even know.

"People from California," said Lamont. "I think I heard somebody from Australia was donating money."

State Police are still looking for whoever did this to King.

"Am I angry? Oh, absolutely," said Wolf. "How could you not be?"

Wolf's best friend may never look like he used to, but this is one King with some very loyal followers.

A reward is being offered for information on King's shooter.

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