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Ostrowski to face off against Rep. Barletta for seat

Democrat Andy Ostrowski will be incumbent Lou Barletta's sole opponent in his quest for a second reelection.

Barletta was elected to the 11th congressional district in 2010 amid a rash of incumbent-defeats. He was then reelected in 2012, garnering 59 percent of the popular vote.

Barletta has taken a heavy-handed and unabashed stance towards illegal immigration, citing the need to crack down on "terrorists and drug lords."

He carried this agenda into Congress from his time as Hazleton Mayor, where he passed the Illegal Immigration Relief Act that was later struck down by state courts.

He is a staunch social conservative, supporting an individual's right to bear arms an anti-abortion, pro-life stance on the issue of reproductive rights. Barletta stresses the need to protect the interest and profits of community farmers.

Ostrowski graduated from Widener University law school in 1992 before going on to have an extended career as an attorney in Pennsylvania. In his campaign he stressed the need for a "compassionate…yet firm" immigration policy that does not tear families apart but that also fulfills its congressional duty.

Similarly to Barletta Ostrowski is a supporter of gun rights. He does however believe that the Affordable Care Act is workable and should be improved upon in Congress.

The district, which encompasses Hazleton, Wilkes-Barre and Scranton, has a significant conservative leaning with a Cook Partisan Voting Index of R+6.
Pennsylvania primary elections will be held in May.

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