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Pocono Mt. students set for uniforms this fall

MOUNT POCONO, Pa. - Students in one Monroe County school district will face a change in attire when school starts in the fall.

The school board of Pocono Mountain School District decided Wednesday to adopt a standardized dress code policy for all students in grades K-12.

Students will have the choice of black or khaki pants, and will have to wear a collared shirt--either polo-style or oxford-- in a solid color.

The color will vary depending on which side of the district the student lives.

The east side students can wear red, white, gray or black, while those on the west side can choose blue, white, gray or black.

Girls can wear knee-length dresses in any of those colors.

According to district officials, for students who can't afford new clothes to fit the uniform policy -- each school will have a "clothing closest" where the school will ask for donations to help those students.

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