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Poconos pooch to shine on national TV

Poconos pooch to shine on national TV

STROUDSBURG, Pa. - A dog in Stroudsburg, Monroe County is set to make his big television debut next month.

The adorable, yet, mischievous yellow lab will be featured for one of his Houdini-like tricks.

"He is a bad dog," said Susie Forrester, owner of the yellow lab named Leo.

Leo was about two years old when he developed his claim-to-fame trick: raiding Forrester's refrigerator.

"When no one's around and he has his wits about him, he'll go into the refrigerator and freezer," Forrester said.

One day, Forrester and her friends decided to catch Leo in the act. They put a camera inside and outside of the refrigerator.

"The video shows him watching me leave, and using his teeth and his nose," Forrester said.

Forrester tried to stop Leo from his food-frenzy, but the determined pup just always seems to find a way around it.

"I've taken the handles off the freezer and refrigerator. He's broken through baby locks. You name it," Forrester said.

Two years after Forrester uploaded the video online, Animal Planet came calling.

"They said 'we're going to run it on 'Bad Dog.' I wish it was like hero dog or best dog in the world," Forrester said laughing.

Leo makes his debut August 9.

"He's the biggest thing out of Stroudsburg since who knows," Forrester said.

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