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Police search for men who robbed East Stroudsburg University student at gunpoint

East Stroudsburg student robbed

EAST STROUDSBURG, Pa. - Police are still trying to find four men who robbed an East Stroudsburg University student at gunpoint on Wednesday.

"From what I heard, there was an armed robbery. I'm guessing a strong arm with a gun," said Meghan Ince, a senior at ESU.

"Four individuals, dark skinned, with hoods on…they held up the individual for his phone," said Victoria Malcervelli, a senior at ESU.

According to police the victim was leaving campus via Normal Street near the Campus Administration Building, when the he realized he was being followed by four males, one of which asked to borrow his cell phone.

"I would otherwise trust people. I know it has only been this semester when people have been asked to use their cell phones and it's stolen from them," Malcervelli said.

"It's been a commonality, from the police reports, emails they send us. They ask to use your phone. Well, give them your phone and run," Ince said.

In a press release, the Stroud Area Regional Police Department said the victim told the group he did not have a phone, and kept walking before ultimately dialing 911.

"I think that was pretty smart, pretty quick thinking. I don't know if I would act so quickly in a situation," Malcervelli said.

Police say the suspects then chased the victim down Fairview Street and pulled him to the ground. According to officials, one of them pulled a gun and demanded the victim's cash and cell phone. Police believe they got away with the victim's backpack.

"It wasn't that late when it happened," Ince said. "So, that's scary."

According to police, the victim was able to flag down a driver for help but the robbers ran away.

Police described all of the suspects as black males, between the ages of 16 to 20, average height and average build.

Anyone with information should call police at (570) 421-6800.

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