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Rep. Cartwright and Republican trio battle for election

Three Republican candidates have filed their candidacies opposite Representative Matt Cartwright as of Tuesday's 5 p.m. declaration deadline.

Cartwright is the sole Democratic incumbent in our area currently seeking reelection, with the other, Allyson Schwartz, opting to run for governor instead.

The freshmen congressmen has served Pennsylvania's 17th District since being elected in 2012, where he took the region with a strong 60 percent majority over former incumbent Tim Holden.

Legislatively he is a supporter of military spending, the Affordable Care Act and investment in infrastructure as a driver of the economy.

The 17th District stretches from Easton up through Carbon, Monroe, Schuylkill, Luzerne, and Lackawanna counties.

PA-17 has traditionally voted towards the left.

Seeking to unseat Cartwright are Republicans Matthew Dietz, David Moylan and Matt Connolly.

Dietz, a 22-year resident of the Lehigh Valley, is a commercial pilot by trade.

He is a supporter of a flat-tax and suggests that overregulation has encumbered the country's economy.

His campaign has made several pledges, including deferring the taxpayer-funded pension system.

Beyond his emphasis on fiscal responsibility he is also socially conservative, supporting the second amendment and "the right to life."

David "Doc" Moylan is a Schuylkill County physician and coroner.

He stands in steadfast opposition to the Affordable Care Act, describing it as "the [number one] job killer."

Moylan also believes that the national debt has grown rampantly out of control, and proposes to reign in the issue by proposing a constitutional amendment to only allow national deficits during declared emergencies.

Late addition candidate Matt Connolly aims to repeal the Affordable Care Act, lower the cost of gas and energy, reduce regulation and "get big government out of our lives."

Pennsylvania primary elections will be held May 20.

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