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Superintendent's contract found to be illegal

Superintendent's contract found to be illegal

A school superintendent in the Poconos is facing termination because of his contract, but both sides disagree on a lot of things.

Doctor John Toleno could lose his job as superintendent of Stroudsburg Area School District.

The issue stems from a contract that was signed back in 2007.

A solicitor was hired by the school board to review the contract and a later extension.

The solicitor found those to be illegal.

"There have been a series of, in my opinion, serious mistakes relating to Dr. Toleno's appointment," said Jeffrey Sultanik, the Stroudsburg Area School District solicitor.

"Which the board approved that, attorneys approved that, the state approved that. And if we did something wrong...well then somebody should have told us back then," said John Jakobsen, a Stroudsburg Area School Board member.

Jakobsen tells 69 News that other members of the board are just trying to get rid of Toleno.

The solicitor tells us the illegality has to do with confusion between the superintendent's contractual rights and his commissioning rights and also tells us it's quote "convoluted."

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