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Suspended police chief posts another video

Suspended police chief releases new video

He's re-loaded and he's at it again.

Suspended Gilberton Police chief Mark Kessler has a new video.

The video shows Kessler shooting a Tommy Gun and it was posted to the web just hours after he was suspended.

But the video isn't the only thing that's been posted.

Kessler took to his website to allege that three members of the Gilberton Borough council are trying to figure out a way to fire him before his suspension is over.

Kessler's final comment in the post: "Come and Take It."

While Mark Kessler waited to hear his fate Wednesday night at the Gilberton Borough meeting, he talked a little about the seven people who are his bosses.

"Same exact borough that stood up for the Second Amendment in January refuses to stand up for the First Amendment because of political pressure," added Kessler on Wednesday night.

The Gilberton Borough Council made their decision to suspend Mark Kessler 30 days without pay for using borough property without permission from the borough in videos that went viral last week.

Mark Kessler posted another video four hours later of him shooting a Tommy Gun in Texas.

On his website, www.chiefkessler.com ;

A message saying three people, Gilberton Borough Councilman Eric Boxer, council president Daniel Malloy, and Gilberton mayor, Mary Lou Hannon are trying to fire him behind the scenes.

Kessler continued to write, "Hey Boxer, Malloy , Hannon, you're cowards, you're hacks, you pretend to uphold the Constitution, you sicken me!"

The same message is on Chief Mark Kessler's Facebook page.       

So far it has generated over 600 comments from people on both sides of the issue.

One person wrote, "I guess Freedom of Speech does not apply to you or many like us. I hope you sue them for violating your Constitutional right as an American."

But another wrote, "After watching that video I think your [sic] an embarrassment to anything American! We all should be ashamed that you are hiding behind the skirts of our Constitution."

We've placed several calls to Mark Kessler, his attorney and the three council members listed in Kessler's statement.

None returned our calls.


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