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Thousands try to prove they're tough enough at Civilian Military Combine

Thousands try to prove they're tough enough at Civilian Military Combine

"Civilian Military Combine is the world's fastest growing athletic hybrid event. It starts in revolutionary first challenge called the pit," said CEO and race founder, Keith Gornish.

Several Marine recruits previewed the event at a soggy Camelback Mountain in Monroe County.

"It really shows people their ability to perform a functional fitness workout, then being able to physically and mentally perform an obstacle course," Gornish explained.

Saturday, 2,000 contestants are expected to run, jump and swim through the three to seven mile obstacle course.

The race is one of only six CMC events held throughout the country. Gornish says the goal is to bond civilians and military members.

"Opportunity for civilians, military and first responders to get together cheer each other on," he said.

The CMC has partnered with five different military charities including the Navy Seals and the Travis Manion Foundation, named after a Bucks County Marine who was killed in Iraq.

Those in the military say the race isn't about who scores the best time.

"All people need to take away from this is you don't need to be the first to cross the finish line. Even if you take your time I feel it will be honorable," Marine recruit Christopher Davis told us.

The Civilian Military Combine, proving patriotism through athleticism.

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