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Three-legged bear spotted in the Poconos

Three-legged bear spotted in the Poconos

EAST STROUDSBURG, Pa. - George and Linda Klein aren't strangers to seeing bears on their East Stroudsburg property.

"He went right there by that tree and laid down, scratching himself," Linda said.

But a few weeks ago they saw something they never expected to see.

"He was down there and he got up and said, 'Oh look he only has three legs,'" Linda said.

A trail camera caught the bear in their yard, and he or she is missing a back leg.

"He walked pretty good with just the three legs it was amazing. He didn't seem sick or anything," they said.

"Basically looking at this it looks like an old injury based on the pic. Really don't see any open wounds," Game Commission officer Ryan Gildea said.

He also notes the bear looks healthy and was probably hit by a car or got nailed by an errant bullet during hunting season.

"They have a good pain tolerance can handle a lot of those injuries. If able to keep it clean have the ability to heal themselves pretty quickly," Gildea explained.

Wildlife officials say this isn't common but injuries like this for wildlife aren't rare either. The Game Commission says a three legged dear was seen for years until it got hit by a car.

Injuries are highlighted each hunting season during bear weigh-ins.

"They'll be missing toes, paws, come across bears missing portions of their leg," Gildea described.

George and Linda just hope their three-legged friend returns in one piece.

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